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Thank you for all you do for Chiang Mai. If you're available, you will be a wonderful addition to a special Expert Night for the upcoming 2-Day Startup Camp.

Expert Night
4 October, 17:40 - 19:30
Launch CNX Studio

We will have 15+ leaders eager to meet you and get some advice on their foundations and NGOs. There will be plenty of food and drinks for everyone attending.

At Expert Night, you'll hear local leaders give a brand new pitch (crafted earlier in the day) then you'll pair up and provide one-on-one feedback and advice. After a few minutes, we'll ring a bell and you'll find a new person to support. We'll do a handful of these speed sessions and end with open networking.

What is 2-Day Startup Camp?

2-Day Startup Camp is an intensive workshop for leaders to take their ideas for making change in Chiang Mai to reality by building the foundation of their business model, sharing their vision with others, and creating and presenting a business pitch to the wider community.

The expert night event will conclude their first day and serves two purposes: lets them test-drive the ideas they articulated earlier in the day with a group of savvy business minds (you!), and introduces them to people who may serve as resources, mentors, connectors for them in the future (also you!).

What will you do?

The expert night event will start with a quick introduction from them to the group and then move into short 1:1 sessions where (1) an entrepreneur will pair up with you for a short conversation, (2) you ask good questions to them, brainstorm on problems, or point out an area for further consideration, and (3) in a few minutes a bell rings, and you get a new leader to talk to.

17:45  |  Arrive at Launch CNX Studio
18:00  |  Begin talking to participants
18:45  |  Listen to pitches
19:30  |  One-on-one expert time with individuals (around 10 minutes each)
20:30  |  Ending


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