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on Purpose


We believe strong and effective organizations do not happen by accident. They are designed on purpose.

Join us for a three-part workshop for non-profits in Chiang Mai to help you gain a better understanding of how to choose the right audiences, create the right services, and design the right plan to move your mission forward.


This event is a three-part workshop.
each workshop builds on the previous one.


Workshop 1

Choosing the Right Audience

August 31  ::  9am - 3pm,  and
September 1  ::  9am - 12pm


Our first workshop is a day and a half of teaching and hands-on activities designed to help you better define who your audiences are and the challenges they face. You will learn the power of targeting a specific audience and will walk away with a deeper understanding of who it is you want to engage and how you can help them. 


Who is my audience? 

"Everyone" is not your audience. Choosing the right audience to focus your efforts on is critical to your success. You will learn the importance of choosing a very specific audience to focus on and we will take a look at how successful companies are doing this around the world. We will introduce you to a tool to help your team learn more about your audience.

What is my audience trying to accomplish?  

In this session, we will learn more about the motivations behind why your audience does what they do. We will learn to look past their initial behaviors and learn how to see the deeper goals they have. We will talk about the fact that everyone is looking to to solve problems in their lives. You will become better at spotting your audience's motivations. 

What problems does my audience have?
Every person in the world experiences pain around the goals they are trying to accomplish. Knowing what these pains are and how to spot them are crucial to understanding your audience and creating services or products that fit into their lives. During this session, we will discuss how to spot a pain in a person's life and learn the power of asking "why" to dig below the surface. 

What does my audience hope to gain?
Your audience has desires and benefits they want to achieve when using your product or service. During this session we will look at the four different types of gains your audience hopes to achieve. 

Tie it all together
In the end, we will all share what we have discovered together about our audiences.



Workshop 2

Creating the Right Services

September _  ::  9am - 3pm

Together we will choose a date at the end of September that works for the group.


This workshop will help you better design your services to have a greater impact with your audiences. You will use what you learned in the previous workshop about your audiences to create services that they truly care about. 



Workshop 3

Designing the Right Plan

October _  ::  9am - 3pm

Together we will choose a date at the end of October that works for the group.


After defining your audience, and developing your services, this workshop will help you put it all together in a business plan that combines your audience's needs and your services with your resources to better fuel your mission. 




Additional Details

  • Event is in English with Thai translation.
  • 300 baht donation per person for each event is requested for purchase of lunch, snacks, and drinks. 
  • Size is limited to less than 15 people.
  • The first date is August 31. During the first event, the other two dates will be determined to best fit attendee's schedules. 
  • Located at Friends of Asia Foundation, Nong Hoi, Chiang Mai. Near Tambon Wat Ket and Juniper Tree.

This workshop is done in partnership with Upstream Thailand

Hosted by Launch CNX, a program of Friends of Asia Foundation. The workshop is designed to help non-profits have a greater impact on the Thai and worldwide community. Future events will include subsequent workshops, training sessions, and community networking.